See what others have to say about the HeartPartner

The HeartPartner has helped many people alleviate chronic pain. It can help you too!


“I am 46 years old and have POTS and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a genetic connective tissue disorder. I purchased a Heart Partner to help with the blood pooling, leg pain, and fatigue that are symptoms of both illnesses.

I began using the Heart Partner for an hour each morning. I place it under my desk and keep it running while I work. Within the first week, I was sleeping better, not waking up through the night with leg pain and cramping. By week two, I had more energy, could stand for longer periods of time without severe blood pooling and the pain in my feet and legs during activity was greatly decreased.

I have now been using the Heart partner for a few months. My exercise tolerance has increased, I am able to use my stationary bike again and walk outside for longer periods. I can do inclines again without severe leg pain/cramping and can regularly use the stairs in my house (I used to avoid stairs as much as possible). With the use of the Heart Partner, I have been able to make improvements in my leg strength that was previously impossible. My standing heart rate has decreased, showing my POTS is improving, and blood is pumping back up from my legs better when upright. I am very surprised at how effective the Heart Partner is for POTS and would highly recommend. I have no affiliation with Sonostics outside of being a customer and receive no monetary or product benefit from recommending this device. I truly believe POTS patients should try it.

My husband has poor circulation in his feet and also really likes the Heart Partner as it decreases his foot pain. I made him purchase his own as this is an item I refuse to share! I keep mine under my desk at all times and now I use it every time I’m seated there – sometimes that can be 3-4 hours a day on and off. I feel lost without it.” 

- Linda T., Endicott, NY


“I feel great since I have started to use my Heart Partner. For the last 12 years, I have had many issues with both of my legs, especially ulcers.

I have had 9 VNUS closure procedures between my two legs. The veins are horrible in my legs, and my legs swell constantly. I wear compression stockings all day, every day, and I still have had trouble walking for a long distance in the past.

A friend of mine told me about Heart Partner. I have tried other devices in the past, only to have another ulcer open up eventually.

I started using the Heart Partner every evening for about an hour. At first, I was a little skeptical, but over the last five months, I have gradually felt better in my legs, and they don’t swell up at all. I can walk longer distances pain-free. I still wear my compression stocking but I don’t let an evening go by without using my Heart Partner.

If you have any leg issues, ulcers, varicose veins or blood clots I highly recommend that you try the Heart Partner. You will be glad you did.

Thank you, Heart Partner!”

- Roy Saretsky., Yonkers, NY


“Several years ago I had a varicose vein removed, and it left a pool of blood in my leg that was also painful. It’s been about four years since that happened, and it was there and it was painful that whole time — it never dissipated. Within using the HeartPartner for only a few days, it made a difference and now it’s almost gone and, more importantly, the pain is totally gone.”

- Elsie L., New York


“I recently sustained an injury to my Achilles tendon and interior ankle ligament while playing basketball. This injury immobilized me for two weeks. Once I began moving about on crutches, lowering my leg would result in immediate pain and fluid pooling from knee to toes. I began using HeartPartner twice daily in an attempt to stimulate the calf muscle. The outcome was reduced pain when lowering my leg in a “dangled” position and fluid would only build up after several hours of being in a vertical position. The result was reduced swelling / fluid pooling. This allowed me to begin rehabilitation sooner and for longer periods. I’ve continued using the device since then. Typical recovery time for an injury such as mine is 6-8 months. It has now been 1.5 months and I have regained 95% mobility and 60% strength in my leg / foot. The HeartPartner has definitely accelerated my recovery. Thanks!”

- Mark S., Binghamton, NY


“The thing I really like about HeartPartner is you don’t have to take your shoes off, you don’t have to change your clothes, or go to the gym, or put something on. You simply sit down, put the front of your feet on the foot pad for 90 minutes while you watch television or read a book. It is that easy.”

- Winnie B., Orlando, FL


“Twelve years ago, I had double knee replacement surgery. Since then, I’ve had severe swelling in my left ankle. After using HeartPartner for three weeks, my ankle swelling has reduced by over an inch. Typically, after church, I would need to go home and change my shoes because my feet hurt so badly. Now, I’m able to wear my shoes all afternoon without any pain. I wish I had the HeartPartner twelve years ago!”


- AnnMarie W., Endicott, NY


“Since I started using Sonostics’ HeartPartner, I have more energy and verve than I’ve had in years. I feel 10 years younger. I hate being away from my second heart.”

- Jane F., Washington, D.C.