Night-time Leg Cramps

As long as we are upright, either sitting or standing, the fluid in our body is being pulled down into the legs due to the force of gravity.

If this fluid is not pumped back up to the upper body by our secondary hearts (soleus muscles) it will continue to pool over the course of the day. At night, when you lie down to sleep, all of this pooled fluid is going to rapidly shift out of your leg tissues up towards your chest, this rapid fluid movement can create extremely painful leg cramps.

To prevent night-time leg cramps, it is essential to prevent daytime pooling of fluid into the legs. HeartPartner assists in this process by activating the soleus muscles while you are sitting upright during the day. An hour or two a day (many individuals find that an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening is optimal) will both prevent the fluid buildup and train up your soleus muscles so that there is less fluid buildup even when not using your HeartPartner. Prevention of night-time leg cramps is a condition for which the HeartPartner has been shown to be particularly effective. Very commonly, the night-time leg cramps disappear after just one day of HeartPartner use, and the cramps do not return as long as regularly use of the HeartPartner is continued.