Head photo - Ken McLeod

Dr. Kenneth J. McLeod

President & Chief Executive Officer

Dr. McLeod received his PhD in Electrical Engineering from MIT and completed post-doctoral studies in Anatomy and Cell Biology at Tufts University. His research expertise is in the area of electromagnetic interactions with living tissue, and he holds over 25 patents in this area. He is a serial entrepreneur, having launched twelve ventures over the past 30 years, primarily in the health and wellness industry.

Dr. McLeod’s passions include spending time with his wife and kids, priming students for their future, engineering work and writing.



Head photo - Kyle Washington

Kyle Washington

Executive Vice President & Chief Strategic Officer

Kyle Washington has over 25 years of real estate, banking, sales and promotion experience combined with a lifelong passion for entrepreneurship. His professional experience includes the founding of 14 start-up companies including AMG Mortgage Investment Bank, NuGenix, Inc., K3 Development Partners and NY Paralegal Express.

Mr. Washington’s passions include tennis, skiing and culinary arts.



Linda Robertson

Office Manager

Linda Robertson is the Office Manager and in charge of operations at Sonostics. She has extensive experience in operational management, customer service and construction trades.

Mrs. Robertson’s passions include creative writing, spending time with her grandchildren and raising her beloved Labrador dogs.