Spider veins need not be a fate for all women

Woman upset over her legs

Although her older relatives as well as advertising have told her that physical changes over time are inevitable, the average woman still believes that, somehow, she’ll avoid that fate. Or at least delay them as long as possible.

After all, she’s young and vibrant, with a successful career and an active social life.

So it comes as a bit of a shock to her when she discovers that first wrinkle under her eyes.

Or that first gray hair.

But perhaps worst of all — that first prominent blue vein on her legs. The dreaded sign of old age — the spider vein!

And once she spots it, she feels that everyone else sees it and focuses on it as well.  

There are numerous options available at the local store to hide the first two physical changes. But what can she do about her legs?

After all, an attractive pair of legs is considered a sign of femininity. Most fashion choices today are designed to show them off as much as possible. The last thing any woman wants is to feel that the only option she has left is the dreaded pant suit!

Perhaps pantyhose can hide that vein, but most women these days have discarded them because they are hot and uncomfortable. Besides, you can’t wear stockings to the beach, at a cookout or any other outdoor activity.

And now the only thing on her mind is when and where the second blue vein will appear. And the third one and beyond. And will these develop into more serious issues like varicose veins?

Does this sound like you, or someone you know? Have you simply resigned yourself to such a fate?

You may be surprised to find out that there is a simple solution to this problem. Some may even call it amazing.

Would you like to know the secret? Are you sitting down?

Because that is all you need to do to alleviate and even delay the formation of spider and varicose veins. Simply sit in a chair and rest your feet on the Sonostics HeartPartner.

The HeartPartner works silently to help prevent the actual cause of many vein problems.

You see, most people focus on the veins themselves, and think that is the problem area. But what they are seeing are just the symptoms. The actual cause of this problem are weak muscles in your calves.

The average person thinks that their heart does all of the work circulating blood, oxygen and nutrients throughout their body. But it actually needs assistance to overcome gravity to return the blood and fluids from the legs back up to it. This is accomplished by the soleus muscles in the calves, inside the calf muscles that are more visible. These soleus muscles are designed to contract to create the pumping action.  

Now with many of our jobs involving sitting or standing most of the day, the soleus muscles do not get the workout they need to maintain their strength. So blood pools in the legs, and in some cases retaining up to 30% of the total blood capacity in the body. This pooling stretches the walls of the veins, weakening them and allowing blood to flow backwards, making the problem even worse.

Graph women leg studyThrough nearly 15 years of research, scientists at Binghamton University discovered that vibrations of a specific frequency and intensity applied to the nerves in the balls of the feet actually caused the soleus muscles to contract, thereby strengthening them. It also helped eliminate the excess lymphatic fluid that pooled in the legs.

One study measured the average leg swelling in twenty adult women in their 40s and 50s. Rapid lower leg swelling was observed during 30 minutes of quiet sitting. As shown in the graph on the right, within seconds of the women starting to use this vibration treatment technique, leg volume dropped as blood was pumped out of the swollen veins, and then, over a time period of tens of minutes, the fluid within the tissues was pumped out of the legs and the legs decreased in size. 

This technology was then developed and licensed into the HeartPartner.  Small enough to fit under a desk and drawing little power, the HeartPartner can be used anytime it is most convenient for you:  at work or at home.

So break out your high heels and short skirts and dresses. With the HeartPartner you’ll always feel confident to show off your legs.


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