Energy drinks won’t help the real reason you’re tired at work

Man yawning at work

It’s an all too familiar scene in today’s workplace. You’ve made it through the morning rush and also worked through lunch, but when you try to tackle the afternoon crunch you hit the wall.  And crash — hard.

But it’s only 2:30, and you’ve got hours more to go. The spirit is willing but, try as you might, your body just can’t rise to the challenge.

In the past the typical solution was to grab another coffee or soda (or perhaps two) and hope that the caffeine and sugar rush carries you through until closing time.

As we moved into the new century, a surge of chemical cocktails — euphemistically called “energy drinks” — appeared in the marketplace. Unlike the actual energy provided by food, these drinks simply contain stimulants to supposedly increase mental clarity and physical endurance. And there are still discussions as to whether or not the myriad of ingredients in these drinks really do what they claim, are basically useless but benign, or if they have serious health concerns.

But the most important question consumers of these drinks should be asking themselves is this:  are they really just reacting to the symptoms and not treating the actual underlying cause of their exhaustion?

Because if you are taking care of your body as you should by eating a proper diet and are getting enough sleep every night, why exactly are you running out of energy so relatively early in the day?

Many people may be surprised at one common reason for this problem. It’s because the muscles in the inner portion of their legs are not strong enough!

You might be asking “what do my legs have to do with this? I’m sitting down all day.”  But that’s exactly the point. Your legs are critical for the effective circulation of blood in your body. And thus receiving the necessary oxygen and nutrients to keep you alert and productive.

Diagram of muscles in lower legInside the calves of your legs are the soleus muscles and, although you cannot feel them working, they are designed to contract to help push blood back up to the heart. Because of gravity, blood that reaches your legs and feet is under intense pressure, and the heart by itself cannot get that blood to return back to it. It needs the pumping action provided by the muscles in your feet, your legs and your thighs to act as the return mechanism. 

But when we sit and stand for extended periods of time, all of those muscles which are normally engaged when walking are idle. And within 30 minutes, as much as 30% of your total blood capacity could be pooled in your legs. Thus reducing the amount of blood available for the rest of your body — including your brain.

Which is why so many people complain of aches and pains, dizziness, difficulty concentrating and “brain fog”.

Luckily, even when sitting still, the soleus muscles in the calves are designed on their own to assist in the pumping of the blood from your lower extremities. Unfortunately, due to the lack of use from so much sitting with today’s lifestyles, those soleus muscles can become weak. Just like any muscle that you neglect and do not exercise.

The good news is that, unlike the physical exertion needed to train most muscles, the soleus muscles can be strengthened by a passive exercise device. And yes, even at the same time you may be required to sit at home or at work.

The HeartPartner from Sonostics uses timed vibrations at a specific frequency and intensity to stimulate the nerve endings in the balls of your feet. Years of research at Binghamton University discovered that those nerve endings caused contractions in the soleus muscles which not only helped pump out the blood that had pooled in the legs, but also strengthened those muscles so that they could do their job better throughout the day.

The HeartPartner does not require that you remove your shoes or socks, so you can use it undetected at work. Small and lightweight, it easily fits underneath your desk and can also be moved anywhere in your home.

So get yours today, and begin the road to being better able to handle whatever your job throws at you.

Plus there is one other benefit that you’ll obtain from ditching all of those coffees, sodas and energy drinks.

You’ll make less frequent trips to the rest room!


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