Introducing the HeartPartner


The HeartPartner is a passive exercise device to help improve the overall blood circulation in your body. Used while seated, it helps pump out the excess blood and fluids that gravity causes to pool in your legs due to inactivity.


The HeartPartner targets the soleus muscles — often called our “secondary hearts — that are critical for our overall health and well being. Although you don’t feel them working, these muscles are needed to help return blood from the legs back up to the heart. Any reduction in blood circulation in the body caused by weak soleus muscles can contribute to many health issues, such as achy muscles and joints, fatigue, swelling in the ankles and feet, leg cramps, as well as memory issues and problems concentrating.

The HeartPartner is the safe and quiet way to train your muscles while you sit at your desk at work or watch TV at home. Timed vibrations stimulate nerves in the bottom of your feet that cause the soleus muscles to contract, helping to push blood up your legs while also strengthening those muscles and providing a soothing sensation. And because continued use of the device makes those muscles stronger so they can work better on their own, the HeartPartner actually helps correct the underlying problem rather than simply treating the symptoms. 

Because it is a non-invasive device, the HeartPartner can be used by men and women of any age. It’s easy to use and no special preparations are needed either — it works effectively even if you are wearing shoes, sneakers, socks or stockings.

The HeartPartner is 100% backed by science. Click here to learn more.