Sonostics employs proprietary technology to non-invasively measure muscle function as a means to address poorly-served chronic conditions whose cause is inadequate muscle activity. These unique services include:

1.  Secondary Heart Assessment    Many chronic conditions that mimic heart failure are actually due to poor circulation due to failed deep calf muscles, called the soleus. Nearly 10% of the adult population suffers from this issue, which is not age-dependent. These "secondary hearts" are responsible for pumping blood back to the primary heart. Clients who struggle with unexplained fatigue, chronic joint pain, swollen lower extremities, cognitive disfunction, varicose veins and sleep disorders are often found to have inadequate fluid flow from the legs. Sonostics identifies if the soleus muscles are functioning poorly and, if so, whether strengthening of those muscles via a passive exercise device designed by Sonostics, can alleviate the problems.

2.  MyoWave    This service detects muscle imbalance, a primary cause of knee pain.  This condition is the third most common reason people visit doctors.  MyoWave makes use of a unique and revolutionary technology called Vibromyography to “listen” to muscles and gauge absolute muscle effort.  Analysis of this data allows for the creation of a customized, low intensity exercise regimen, specifically targeted towards addressing an individual’s imbalance.  This hybrid of biofeedback and targeted exercise is unprecedented and unparalleled.